Key Facts Template

All ARCO Approved Operators make key facts available using this template

This template is intended for use by ARCO Approved Operators. It is intended to form the basis of the Key Facts document, which all ARCO Approved Operators should provide to customers when they register an interest in an IRC. Giving customers a Key Facts document, as well as further additional information, is intended to enable customers to make an informed decision when choosing an Integrated Retirement Community and a property within one.

This template specifically helps to ensure that the following information will be made clear to customers:

(a) Property and tenure information. 

(b) Unavoidable charges payable to the operator before joining the community, while living there, and on leaving. 

(c) Unavoidable charges payable to third parties. 

(d) Services to which discretionary charges apply. 

(e) How capital expenditure works are funded and whether any liability will fall on residents if the funds available are insufficient. 

(f) Any charges for sub-letting, where this is permitted. 

(g) Any other matters specified in the current ARCO template.