Information for Customers & their Families

Find out if a Retirement Community could be the right option for you or a loved one

If you or a family member are considering moving to a Retirement Community – read on to find out the benefits of the Retirement Community model and what you can expect from ARCO and our Approved Operator Members.


What is a Retirement Community?

Retirement Communities may also be referred to as retirement villages, extra care housing, housing-with-care, assisted living, close care apartments, or independent living settings.

Retirement Communities offer older people a housing and service solution that:

  • enables a person’s independence.
  • offers a social and community setting with communal facilities where you can be involved in as much as you wish.
  • offers support and care if you need it, when you need it.
  • gives you security and peace of mind in your own home.


Whether you are looking to downsize from a family home, want to be more active with access to leisure and recreational facilities and have the comfort of knowing support is on your doorstep if you need it, moving to a Retirement Community could be the perfect solution.


What do ARCO Members offer?

All our members offer different options and styles of independent living but as an ARCO Approved Operator you can be certain that they:


What is an Approved Operator?

ARCO is the only regulatory body setting standards for operators of Retirement Communities in the UK.

Approved Operator members must meet a common set of high standards that ensure that prospective residents and owners are given clear and transparent information from the beginning.

The Approved Operator blue badge means our members have agreed to go beyond the standards required by law and to abide by the principles set out in the ARCO Consumer Code and have achieved compliance during one or more assessments.

All Approved Operators are assessed on an annual basis by independent assessors to ensure these standards are maintained.