Our Policy Agenda

How housing with care can help tackle key UK policy issues

Housing with care spans a number of key policy issues in the UK, helping to tackle the housing crisis, fix social care funding shortages, improve health, and reduce loneliness.

ARCO’s policy work is therefore wide-ranging and seeks to form links between what can sometimes be separate areas of focus. It leads us to engage closely with numerous Government departments and lobby for policy solutions that cut across traditional boundaries.

Below shows our four main policy priorities which housing with care is geared around - housing, social care, healthcare, and social connection – and how housing with care helps to solve the key challenges for each, backed up by key facts.


Here is a brief summary of the main policy areas that are covered:


Housing with care:

  • Frees up housing for all generations on the general market
  • Makes housing more affordable for older people through the option to defer fees
  • Is built using less space than family homes, ensuring greater efficiency  


Housing with care:

  • Ensures a high quality of care is provided for older people
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, and improves happiness and wellbeing
  • Makes big savings in care costs for those with low-level and high-level needs


Housing with care:

  • Dramatically reduces GP, nurse, and hospital visits
  • Decreases health risks like failing, and improves memory and cognitive strength
  • Helps older people live more active, healthier lives


Housing with care:

  • Brings owners and residents together through communal areas and activities
  • Attracts people of all ages from the wider community
  • Helps reduce loneliness and social isolation