Mr & Mrs Garnett

“Our lives have changed profoundly for the better since we moved”

Having lived in their previous home for over 30 years, it was never going to be an easy decision for Alan and Claire to sell their property. However, when the flyer for Audley Binswood appeared on their doorstop, the decision was all of a sudden made simple.

“It is difficult to find words that describe the daily pleasure of being in a luxury environment where one’s every wish seems to be happily accommodated.”

Alan and Claire now enjoy waking up every day with none of the hassle that comes with owning and maintaining a big house, and call it an ‘enhanced life experience’. They have the freedom to live independently, as well as the added bonus of using any of the facilities on their doorstep.

“We embrace and delight in the fact that there are no more lawns to mow, no more windows to clean, no more trying to remember the day the bins go out and no more worry about security when we are away from our apartment.”

The relocation to Audley Binswood coincided with both retiring from running their own businesses, Alan worked in the automotive industry and Claire owned a fashion jewellery business, which she continues on an occasional basis. Having the twin benefit of an excellent new home and the glorious release from perpetual obligation came at the perfect time. With the freedom of more time to do the things they love, they both continue to enjoy days on the golf course, trips to the theatre and as many holidays a year as they can squeeze in!

“Our lives have changed profoundly for the better since we moved.”

Having now lived at Audley Binswood for over four years, the Garnetts continue to find real joy in their new home. Making use of all the facilities, from the luxurious health club to the locally renowned restaurant at the village, they compare it to owning their very own Country Club.

Audley Binswood Village is operated by Audley Group