Coming of age? Better housing options for older people

A joint ARCO-Later Life Ambitions report

This report summarises two polls which LLA and ARCO ran amongst their memberships in Autumn 2020. 

The LLA survey asked members about their current living situation, whether they would be interested in moving, and what factors would appeal to them in a new home. We also asked them about a range of policy interventions which the Government could take to encourage the growth of more good quality older people’s housing options.

Overall, there was strong agreement between the two groups that more needs to be done to expand the range of housing and care options available to older people, that there is too much uncertainty and not enough transparency around the range of options which currently exist, and that there are clear steps which the Government can and should take to help supply to expand and to boost consumer confidence The preferences of older people in this research suggest that the housing-with-care model is the form of specialist housing most likely to deliver the factors they are seeking and that specific Government policy and action in this area would be likely to have a significant and positive effect.

LLA and ARCO make eight core policy recommendations to make this vision a reality. 

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