Development & Technology Member Workshop - April

Thursday, 27 April, 2023 - 11:00

MHA Welland Place IRC, Welland Place, Market Harborough, LE16 7GF

Member Workshop (Private Event)

Member workshop on key trends, opportunities and growth in the Integrated Retirement Community sector


This is an ARCO Member Workshop open exclusively to Members, Accelerators and Strategic Partners

Save the date for this ARCO Member workshop where you will be able to join ARCO and fellow Members, Accelerators, and Strategic Partners at MHA Welland Place IRC in Market Harborough.

The Technology and Development workshop will provide insights into some of the current topics surrounding technology and development within the integrated retirement community sector. 

Topics covered as part of the event will likely be:

  • The Building Safety Act - how are operators ensuring compliance, what are the current challenges and what is next on the horizon?
  • The Risk Factor - developing and operating IRCs comes with significant risk with ever rising construction costs and hurdles in the planning system. What steps can IRC operators take to help reduce risk during development and futureproof their schemes for years to come? 

As part of the workshop, attendees will also have the opportunity to tour Welland Place and network with sector peers.

Full agenda and guest speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Registration for this workshop is now open