Better Together - the importance of integration and togetherness

Tuesday 24th October 2023
ARCO Partner Tunstall Healthcare has written a new blog on the importance and benefits of integration and togetherness and the benefits of technology for IRCs and the people who make them their home

Tony Walker, Sales Director at Tunstall Healthcare, a leading provider of technology solutions designed to enrich lives and support independence at home, tells us more about the importance of integration and togetherness.

Tunstall has recently launched a new campaign called Better Together.

A big part of the Better Together campaign has been celebrating our people, giving ‘behind the scenes’ access to all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to service and everything in between. It’s been great to see the reaction we’ve had, proving that the ‘human’ element of our business is important to our customers; there’s always real value in people engaging with people.

We have an internal philosophy called One Tunstall, which is all about working as a team, helping each other and sharing a common purpose. Without exception, if you ask a Tunstall colleague what they enjoy most about their job it will be the positive difference we make to people’s lives. This motivation binds us together and keeps us focused on the company’s values.

The technology is important of course, and we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing and supporting best in class solutions that can be relied upon 24/7. But it is only in conjunction with many other facets that it is able to help the people that use it feel secure, connected, empowered and able to enjoy life as fully as possible.

Everyone needs to feel valued and connected, to support physical and mental health. This is one of the reasons IRCs are such an appealing housing option and why technology needs to be considered at the very start of the specification process, as it can play a key role in enriching lives if embedded properly into provision, rather than added as an afterthought. It can connect homeowners on the same development, as well as making it easier to access maintenance and find out about local activities for example. Where family and friends are further away, technology offers an easy and inexpensive way of keeping in touch, which is all the richer for now being able to see, not just hear, our loved ones.

It’s so important to us that we’re not seen as just a supplier. We offer much, much more and we’re driven by helping our customers to achieve the outcomes that are right for them so that together we can give their customers homes they want and deserve. From specification to maintenance and everything in between, we aim to take a partnership approach that is based on coproduction and collaboration; working together to develop person-centred solutions that solve challenges for IRCs and enhance the lives of the people living in their developments. Technology can feel complicated, and is advancing exponentially, which can make it feel difficult to make decisions about investing for the future. As the UK’s communications network is due to complete its transition from analogue to digital by the end of 2025, these decisions can appear even more complicated. However, we’re here to help, and support IRCs in making sure the digital transition is one that can herald a brighter future.

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