Richard Nursey - Hughenden Gardens Village

I have already met quite a few people. People just come up and chat to you, it’s really relaxed.

Richard Nursey -

Hughenden Gardens


Richard Nursey, 54, is the youngest resident at Hughenden Gardens Village. He moved to the village in July and so far is happy he moved.

‘At the end of last year I was admitted into hospital, where I spent six weeks after having a

stroke. I returned to my one-bedroom flat, where I had lived for four years, but it soon became apparent that the accommodation was no longer suitable. My stroke has affected my mobility and I have since lost the sight in one eye. My flat was located on the third floor and I found it difficult to get up and down.

I felt trapped. The facilities were terrible so living here has made a major difference. It’s like going from driving a knackered old mini to a Rolls Royce.

I am local to High Wycombe and have lived here all of my life apart from one year, eighteen years ago, when I moved to Lanzarote to DJ and repair cars. I was a motor mechanic and freelance MOT tester. I miss it terribly.

It was my sister who found out about ExtraCare while I was in hospital. She is an absolute diamond. She now visits me regularly and we are both very impressed with the village.

It’s very good. The whole thing! I particularly like how spacious everything is while all the amenities are to hand.

I have already met quite a few people. People just come up and chat to you, it’s really relaxed.

Following my stay in hospital I have some care needs which ExtraCare have accommodated for. I give them ten out for ten for care. No ifs, no buts, they are absolutely spot on. They’re there for you and you can trust them to do what is best for you straight-away.

I have not yet got involved in the activities on offer but I attend a local stroke club and have recommended the village to the other group members.  I have even offered to show them around. I would recommend it hands down.’