Approved Operators

ARCO Approved Operators under the ARCO Consumer Code

The ARCO Consumer Code came into effect in September 2015. The ARCO Consumer Code applies only to those Retirement Communities in the UK registered with ARCO.

This includes all Retirement Communities registered by full members (Approved Operators), as well as prospective and provisional members (who are each in the process of becoming full members/ Approved Operators.) For information on the different categories of ARCO membership please see here

Current Approved Operators are listed here:

  • A2 Dominion Housing Group Ltd (Society 28985R)
  • Abbeyfield Society (Company 00574816)
  • Anchor Hanover (Company 03147851)
  • Audley Group Ltd (Company 09906780)
  • BEN – Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund (Company 02163894)
  • Berkeley Healthcare Ltd (Company 2988215)
  • Enterprise Retirement Living Ltd (Company 06525067)
  • ExtraCare Charitable Trust (Company 02205136)
  • Inspired Villages Group Ltd (Company 10876791)
  • Jewish Care (Company 02447900)
  • LifeCare Residences Ltd (Company 05110137)
  • MHA – Methodist Homes (Company 4043124)
  • Middleton Hall Ltd (Company 00065737)
  • Notting Hill Genesis (Company RS007746)
  • One Housing Group (Society IP20453R)
  • Rangeford Holdings Ltd (Company 08495794)
  • Retirement Security Ltd (Company 01612921)
  • Retirement Villages Ltd (Company 05335724)
  • Richmond Care Villages Holdings Ltd (Company 5105798)
  • St George’s Park Ltd (Company 05225007)
  • St Monica Trust (Charity 202151)


A map showing all ARCO-registered communities can be found here.